“Beauty in Our Scars”

There are so many ways to view the scars we have in our life. Some are visible and some are invisible. Regardless of whether they can be seen or not they are marks that we must learn to accept and perceive for what they actually are. They are roadmaps and landmarks that tell a story about our life. Where we have been and what we have overcome!

What Are Scars?

In the natural context, a scar is a mark left on our body or the surface of our skin after an injury heals. This injury could have stemmed from an accident or from a surgical procedure. As a way of repairing itself, the body creates collagen (a tough fiber in your body that gives the skin strength and flexibility), which reconnects the tissues broken apart by the injury. While the repair work is taking place, a scab is created over the wound, which protects the wound from germs as the body heals. When the injured skin or area is repaired, the scab dries up and falls up. In its place, comes the scar. Different shapes, sizes, and colors, but a scar nonetheless.

Invisible Scars

Invisible scars the internal hurts we have dealt with that no one knew about but God. They are the insecurities, doubts, depressions, anxieties, fears, self-loathing, and pains that are both self-inflicted and brought upon us by others that we work through in silence. It is like the young girl who has been told she is too dark, too skinny, too (you fill in the blank) to belong. And then she starts to believe them; and no longer do the attacks have to come from outside they began to burn from within. Like the young boy or girl who was molested or beaten, who begins to believe that they are worthless and therefore they give their bodies to people as a way of punishment, or they may turn it on others. But some way some how, the good Lord gives them the strength and tenacity to push past these hurts, anxieties, an self-defeating ideologies to dream bigger and shine brighter than they ever thought possible. The only problem with internal scars is that if they aren’t dealt with and allowed to properly heal,they could spill into the open and become visible.

Visible Scars

Visible scars show up when the healing never takes place. They show up as physical ailments that require surgeries or other treatments. Another example is the cutter that needs a way to release the pain that is too much to hold in any longer. Then there are those who eat their hurts and end up in an obese state. So many other visible scars that others may see as ugly or not aesthetically appealing, but we know what it took to press through, to get up and face another day! Visible scars still show our ability to heal and strengthen from a weakened state. To overcome what so many others couldn’t but also to be a testimony to their possibilities!!!

The Beauty

The scars may be uncomfortable and have painful reminders, but what is aesthetically appealing is the fact that they are healed wounds. They represent the continuous life we have lived beyond the occurrence of the wound. They represent our strength and courage in the face of our trials; and they show our resilience despite our moments of weakness and uncertainty. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that my friend is our Creator. Our Heavenly Father who create us with a purpose and a promise. Who knew us before we were ever formed and said we are beautifully and wonderfully made. He wants us to see just how precious we are; we are priceless and scars we wear don’t define us but show the beauty in who we are destined to become. Yep you are powerful beyond measure and there is definitely Beauty in Your Scars!!!

Latisha D. Wilson, MS, LPC-Intern, LCDC-I


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