Write the story your life tells

"One of the most valuable things we can do to heal one another, is to listen to each other's stories."
- Rebecca Falls

Let me take this time to welcome and congratulate you on taking the first step towards taking control of your life. Narrations of Life Counseling Services’ name was derived based upon my belief that though change is inevitable, with it emerges multiple experiences that shape our course as we transition through life. But know this, we have a choice in who is writing our story and what it says to us and those around us. It takes a bold and courageous person to ask for help, so I celebrate your decision to take control of your future with your present change.

Do You Want To Become The Author Of Your Life’s Story?

As individuals, we all have the capacity to feel great about ourselves, our relationships, and the world we create for ourselves. Identifying those issues that hinder us from experiencing this level of contentment and satisfaction, such as internal struggles, dysfunctional relationships, unhealthy thoughts, or misleading behavioral patterns is paramount to us regaining control of our stories and ultimately our lives, which is our ultimate goal. This is the start of a chapter and a new beginning for your life’s story. My goal is to unveil your potential and what you have been looking for within yourself and help you and/or your family narrate a better, more positive, fulfilling, and sustaining story.

At Narrations of Life Counseling Services, LLC in Killeen, I am here to listen to what you have to say and to give you the tools necessary to reach your goal(s). Counseling is about giving new outlooks, but the ultimate goal is achieved within and by the client. I am here to encourage my clients as well as inspire them to hope in their future and the possibilities on the horizon. I believe that every person is special and needs a chance to shine and become the person they were destined to be.

I look forward to meeting you, working with you, and being on the journey with you as you grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally until you are ready to stand on your own; showing the world your new and improved life story, authored by YOU!!!!

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